Zion Digital Image Library

About the Website
The purpose of the Zion National Park Image site is to help visitors to the park identify insects they see in the park and also to share images with taxonomic experts with the goal of obtaining species-level identifications. As we image specimens they will be posted to the website. Click on one of the insect orders on the side bar to see what images are posted!

The Zion National Park entomology collection is housed at the Colorado Plateau Museum of Arthropod Biodiversity at Northern Arizona University. The 3,300 specimens in the collection have been cataloged and are now in the process of having morphospecies imaged and shared with taxonomic specialists for further identifications. We estimate there are over 400 species in the collection, all of which will be imaged. This includes some specimens that have been identified to species but e with need to be confirmed, since they do not have a taxonomic specialist associated with the identification or the identification is old enough to warrant additional examination due to possible changes in taxonomy.

Please download the Excel file if you are interested in viewing data associated with the Zion National Park collection.