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This site provides all of the links and information students will need for BIO322 Fall 2012. Class lectures and some lab material will only be available from CD or thumb drive. The entire size of lab and lecture material will be approximately 900mb.

Class number for the lecture is 2223, section 1. Class numbers for the lab are 2621 (BIO 322-A Wednesday) and 2817 (BIO 322-B Thursday). Prerequisite classes are BIO181 & BIO182 or the equivalent.  For graduate credit the you need to sign up for BIO599 Contemporary Developments, class number is 2855, and register for 4 units. There will not be a Lecture or Lab on November 22th. (Thanksgiving). The final exam will be at 7:30AM on Thursday, December 13th, 2012

All lectures and labs will be in Biological Sciences (Bldg 21), Room 146.

Please read all of the material on the website, the website has been created for Mozillla Firefox, but should maintain proper formatting for Internet Explorer 7.0.

Entomology is the study of insects, although in this course we also provide as overview of arthropods, and. cover a few arthropod groups related to insects (i.e., entognathous hexapods) and arachnids. The class covers all of the aspects of insect biology, but we focus on the taxonomy, evolution, and natural history of the insects and spiders.

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